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Who is the winner of the Mr. Olympia in 2021? What happens at the most beautiful bodybuilding show?

A beautiful torso, muscular arms and good body proportions of men have always been an object of admiration. Bodybuilding is not only the realization of ambitions in the power sport, but also the epitome of a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition, training and injectable steroids for bodybuilding are the key to an athlete's success.

Since 1965 one of the most important competitions for bodybuilders - Mr. Olympia - has been held. This is an open international bodybuilding competition, in which, in addition to the titles, the winners receive impressive prize money. During the existence of the competition, only 16 men have gained the title of champion. The Egyptian bodybuilder Mamdou Elsbiai, nicknamed "The Fisherman," was twice awarded the honor in 2020 and 2021.

The road to the top

Big Rami (as the athlete is known to fans by that name) comes from a simple family with many children. He dreamt of bodybuilding from an early age, but began training after the whole family moved to Kuwait. Then he met former bodybuilding star Dennis James.

It's no secret that bodybuilders change the body with the help of special drugs. At that time it was not yet possible to buy oral steroids for sale online in the USA freely. But sports pharmacology was already actively developing. Jameson developed Rami's nutrition system, training regimen and introduced pharmacological preparations stimulating muscle growth and the formation of the muscular corset. Growth Hormone HGH for Sale was not as widespread as it is now and caused much controversy. But it is impossible to achieve high results without auxiliary drugs in bodybuilding.


Many people even now fear that buying anabolic testosterone will have a negative effect on a person's health. But taking steroids in a dosed amount, according to a correct scheme, in combination with a correct diet and competent training is harmless. It is possible to buy steroids from Europe if an athlete trusts European drugs. The use of steroids contributes to:

  • the fight against osteoporosis;
  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • improvement of the cardiovascular system;
  • increased mobility of the joints;
  • improved blood flow;
  • decrease in body weight.

Buy human growth hormone online is often recommended by doctors for various diseases associated with stunted growth or lack of muscle mass. But back to Fisherman. His career began in 2012 at the Mr. Olympia contest. The result of his participation was winning the PRO card. But the competition gave him much more, he gained recognition, and his volumes were praised by the judges. The triumph came to Big Rama in 2020 already in the pro competition. A year later, he took the top step again in the competition and won $400,000.

What is the point of the contest "Mr. Olympia"?

For a long time, bodybuilding competitions brought only the excitement of winning, and the prizes were nominal. Not even buy testosterone steroids for sale or personal use were resources. An avid athlete, Joe Vader, decided to start a new show of beautiful fitness bodies, to which the champions of other competitions were invited exclusively. The winner received a champion's title and a cash reward. The contest immediately gained fame and contributed to the popularization of bodybuilding. It goes like this:

  • participants are divided into categories by weight and age;
  • muscle volume, the percentage of body fat from the total body weight, body symmetry, the aesthetics of the athlete's figure are evaluated;
  • on the first day the athletes demonstrate the upper muscular corset in seven poses;
  • on the second day, they show exercises to music, assessing the correct technique of their performance.

Each judge gives points based on criteria from 1 to 10. They are summed up from all the judges, and the participant with the highest number of them wins.

Where to buy steroids

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